Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I've decided I don't like the title fiancé. Whenever I say it I feel like I'm name dropping, like I'm asserting I'm better than you, like I'm brand loyal...to my relationship. It feels like when that douche bag (and by that douche bag i mean all of us at one time or another.) who goes on about his BMW (this is not insinuating BMW is anything less than a fine piece of engineering.) or she to her Gucci bag or Tiffany bracelet. Whatever. It's your car. It's your bag. Its a bracelet. "Oh, have you met my...FIANCÉ?"
Whenever I go to say the word I tone it the same way Dan Savage says husband. Drop the u an octave and draw it out: "huuusband". Only I drop the "a" an octave.
I don't need to brand the guy I decided to grow old and die with. He's Dave. He's my Dave and in fact I can't think of a better title for him, "my Dave". He's mine. He's called Dave. Omit the flower expressions.
"Oh. Have you met my Dave?"

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